SmartyBrush Topple-Proof® Design

The Smartybrush has an overall ergonomically designed handle to reduce and alleviate pressure from hard brushing. Our signature Topple-Proof® design ensures a 99% germ-free, free standing toothbrush with Sure-Grip® fit that creates an enjoyable brushing experience while ensuring the dentist recommended angle of the bristles to teeth form.

Smartybrush is truly an entire MOUTHBRUSH! ( Toothbrush + Oralbrush tongue cleaner all in a fully connected solution )

It provides an easy adaptation going from your teeth and gums to your tongue. It is designed with multiple size bristles that help reduce chronic bleeding and receding gums while brushing your teeth along with ultra-soft pointed bristles that reach deep into crevices of your tongue to provide a clean, fresh, bacteria and odor free mouth.

Multiple sensors embedded into the brush constantly communicate with PerioApp® to keep you updated on what's going on with your oral health and habit. 

The Smartybrush might seem high-tech at first, but it is friendly, intuitive and best of all very easy to use. The future is now!