What we do

Invent and manufacture Smart connected oral healthcare products.

Who we are

We are a group of dental professionals and product engineers obsessed, sometimes even crazy about everything we create, making improbable in dentistry possible. We design and manufacture transformational oral health products that changes the way people use traditional dental products such as oralbrush.

Why we do it

The purpose of our venture is to sustainably provide goods and services to enable dental health to flourish. We strongly believe that a healthy mouth is the foundation for a healthy life so we create opportunities for people to express their innate capacity for creativity and productivity in achieving optimal oral health.

How we do it

We are changing oral-care with smart solutions you use everyday. Get insights to live healthier. Empower your doctors to monitor and care for your oral health better — in ways never done before.

We provides actionable insights and presents them brilliantly to you and your dental professionals, through smart devices for everyday use.

Manufacturing smart connected dental products for continuous monitoring of the entire oral cavity and overall oral health where individuals and families can now measure, track and share their data and play a more active role in managing their dental health. With integrated applications such as PerioApp recorded data can make the routine in-person dental visits more efficient, helping health professionals focus where it is most needed.


What's ahead

Our line of intelligent oralbrush has been revolutionary in the industry and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. As we expand our offering in the months ahead, look for more dental product innovations, and an evolving mobile app that will continue to empower users to better understand their oral health to manage it more effectively.