Smart toothbrush that changes the game. Finally.

The Smart toothbrush makes it all happen. Once you start brushing you’ll get a second-by-second real-time read-out of your brushing habits. With the latest Bluetooth 4.0, the SmartyBrush also pairs with a host of other health-tracking devices, so you can be on top of your healthcare.

The PerioAction® ultrasonic technology is specially developed for use with PerioApp®. The innovative smart brush allows you to clean in a pain-free way that is gentle on your teeth. When carrying out cleaning once the ultrasonic brush detects an areas in need of extra attention, it is indicated to you reliably as the light ring integrated into the SmartyBrush will change color and later recorded in the App. This supports your tactile perception perfectly while brushing – for precise and gentle results.

The Smart brush analyzer measures brushing frequency, pressure, rate and quality in an All-in-one Oralbrush.

PerioAction® ultrasonic technology creates dynamic cleaning powerfully effective, yet remarkably gentle, resulting in a superior clean that you can see and feel. Smartybrush offers exceptional whitening in addition to plaque removal, making it perfect for those who want to keep their smile its brightest.