A healthy mouth is the foundation for a healthy life.

PerioApp® is a great way to track and monitor your oral health and activities. Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android, or using our web portal, you get great tools that make your overall oral health and activity come alive.

Discover your brushing data put into perspective and step off the emotional roller coaster. Consider variations of the PerioApp® index to make sure you target the right area.


Data you can trust.

Reach an unmatched level of accuracy. All our smart connected toothbrushes are equipped with PerioAction®, a technology utilizing multiple sensors embedded into the brush that constantly communicate with PerioApp®. To optimize brushing and its measurement, it constantly provides feedback via our intelligently designed software.

Helps you stay focused.

Successful lifestyle changes rely on continued efforts. Having access to this rich Perio data helps you and your dental professionals see your progress and make informed choices. In the end, you spare your motivation, enjoy the brush tracking process and enter a virtuous circle.